What Measurement and Which Sort?

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What’s the best hook measurement for surf fishing and what kind of hook works biggest?

Do you have to ever come by an internet site or completely different provide that gives you a static, frequent reply to this question, merely stroll away? It’s not that easy.

When determining what kind of hook and measurement of the hook is biggest to your surf fishing needs, you first wish to discover out your purpose. In precise reality proper right here’s an inventory of what it is best to research earlier to deciding in your hook for surf fishing.

Know This Sooner than Selecting a Hook Measurement and Sort

  • Objective Species
  • Mouth Measurement of Objective Species
  • Prey/Bait You’ll Be Using
  • Trend of Fishing Deliberate

Your hook must be small enough to easily match inside the fish’s mouth, and huge sufficient that the fish gained swallow it or gut it often. Uncover that sweet spot and that’s the first step.

Subsequently, it should match your bait. Usually this can be the excellence between an prolonged shank and a shorter shank or a wider/narrower gap between shank and stage. On completely different events, you merely wish to make use of larger or smaller hook sizes. Nevertheless, regardless of the measurement/kind you select should match that sweet spot outlined within the 1st step.

As for the kind of fishing, that’s the place we get into the types of hooks so let’s converse in regards to the types of hooks which may be biggest for surf fishing.

Biggest Types of Hooks for Surf Fishing

  • Octopus Hooks
  • Mosquito Hooks
  • Circle Hooks
  • Baitholder Hooks

One issue I want to get out of the way in which is that: Treble hooks are normally used solely on lures for surf fishing and since the back-end of a entices rig or a trailer rig/trailer hook for surf fishing. Furthermore, this textual content is targeting hooks for baits, not for lures. Lures are their very personal class and will have a separate breakdown.

The commonest types of hooks used for surf fishing (with bait) will embrace octopus hooks, mosquito hooks, circle hooks, and baitholder hooks.

Octopus Hooks

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Octopus hooks might be associated in look to mosquito hooks with two distinct variations. 1.) The eye of the hook opens up with a backward bend to allow for easy snelling exits. 2.)

The general type of the hook is spherical and fluid in look. To be clear, Octopus hooks are very completely completely different than circle hooks. To be a circle hook, the aim and the barb must sort a 90-degree angle and octopus hooks do not normally try this.

Revenue: Optimum for tying a snell they normally allow for good presentation and unimpeded hook models.

Mosquito Hooks

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Mosquito hooks are what I normally use for surf fishing as soon as I’m fishing for points like corbina, croaker, and completely different widespread species of fish proper right here. The principle focus of a mosquito hook is simplicity and energy. Octopus hooks and mosquito hooks are used for hooking every residing bait and decreasing bait

Revenue: Easy to cowl the hook and permits for further pure presentation and unimpeded hook-set.

Baitholder Hooks

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Baitholder hooks are another choice. They normally have an prolonged shank and a pair smaller barbs on the once more aspect of the shank meant to help protect your bait fastened onto the hook.


Revenue: These could possibly be easier for rookies and shaky arms as there’s an additional shank to grip they’re normally designed to take care of bait on the hook greater. They are often easier to remove as they’ve further shank accessible to grab… nevertheless be careful with these extra micro-barbs. Within the occasion that they’re on the bigger aspect, it can probably complicate points.

I need mosquito hooks as you’ll see my exact gentle kind out set up beneath and on the linked net web page:


Circle Hooks

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Circle hooks are the place I draw a drastic line of differentiation. It’s as a result of these normally require a novel sort of fishing. You shouldn’t set the hook with circle hooks, which is why these are well-liked hooks for “bait & watch for” sort fishermen. Whether or not or not you allow your rod in a holder or actively fish it, it is best to restrain it from a hook set.

The best way during which these hooks work is that the aim of the barb and the shank sort a 90-degree angle (the sharp part of the barb components immediately on the shank). This slender and odd-shaped gap is designed to hook fish solely inside the nook of the mouth and in my experience, the engineering could also be very environment friendly.

Under no circumstances have I gutted a fish using circle hooks. I’ve had a few pop, nevertheless, which can be solely pure.

My suggestion is to utilize circle hooks for larger predators like sharks and any time you want to depart your rod in a holder and stay up for the movement. I’ve found that the smaller fish finish in further spat hooks than larger ones when using circle hooks. Uncover my exact set-up for sharking with circle hooks beneath.

Revenue: No hook-set needed, easy launch as a result of the hook is always set inside the nook of the fish’s mouth.

Biggest Hooks Measurement for Surf Fishing

Alright, to answer to the unimaginable question: what’s the best hook for surf fishing. Do you have to’re fishing the surf in Southern California, merely observe the knowledge on the net web page that I’ve linked referencing my gear and kind it out. It’s reliable and proper and I’m proper right here for questions.

For all completely different areas and species, you’ll have to find out that for your self. Get to know the widespread species of fish in your area, and match the hook measurement to the fish and to the bait they feed on.


Within the interim, proper right here’s a chart that illustrates the best hook measurement per species for surf fishing:

Hook Measurement Per Species for Surf Fishing

Barbed vs. Barbless

Do you have to’re fishing positive protected areas in any other case you want to be as easy on the fish as you’ll, chances are you’ll consider using barbless hooks. In some areas (further widespread for fly fishing in rivers and streams) barbless hooks are required. Guarantee to do your evaluation earlier to hitting a new fishing spot near you.

Hopefully, this helped clear up questions on which types of hooks to utilize for surf fishing and what measurement hooks to utilize for surf fishing. If I missed one thing or you might have any questions, drop them inside the suggestions half. Tight traces, guys!

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