Insider Tip: What, The place, When to catch fish in SW Florida

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I get requested fairy often, “can I fish for tarpon in December”?  No, in consequence, they haven’t migrated north into our waters however.  “Can we e-book a fishing structure in January to catch sharks”?  We don’t purpose shark all through the winter months on account of its not warmth adequate.

So, I’ve decided to position collectively this textual content of varieties as a way to have a larger understanding of when, why, and the best way we catch positive species of leisure fish. South West Florida presents an array of fishing options from the novice to the seasoned angler.

Sanibel Island and Fort Myers show good fishing yr spherical because of the autumn and spring migrations of some, warmth water recreation fish; to not level out our yr-spherical residents.

All through the winter months of December by way of Februaryour focus is on Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Redfish, and Trout.  Trout is the first attraction all through this time of yr on account of cooler water temperatures; which ends up in them additional actively feeding.

This is usually a good time for family fishing.  The sportfish are all usually slot-sized and a quantity gratifying for the children.


  • Mangrove Snapper and Sheepshead are caught using a 1/4 or 1/2 oz. cut-up shot with a #1 or #2 prolonged shank hook.  Look to catch them near building and deep holes round mangroves.
  • When fishing for Redfish, I benefit from a popping cork with whitebait or shrimp.  Incoming, or outgoing tide on the flats – Or I free line the bait near the mangroves.
  • I catch Trout using whitebait or shrimp with a popping cork on the flats or reeling in a small weight all through the underside of deeper cuts with a shrimp connected.

Fishing SW Florida: December by way of February- Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Redfish, and Trout

All through March and Aprilthe water temperatures start to warmth up and it begins an exhilarating time for fishing in Fort Myers.   These months are good to fish for Trout, Redfish, and Mangrove snapper.  Shark and Snook are starting to feed additional actively, the tarpon is migrating and the Cobia migration to the north begins.

Throughout the winter months, it’s frequent for positive fish similar to Snook to maneuver away from ground feeding and shallow flats, within the route of brisker water identical to the river and connecting canals, which stays hotter.

March tends to be when these fish switch out and start feeding on the bait that is laid upon the seashores and flats to regain misplaced physique fat and put collectively to spawn.  Cobia, are additional frequent throughout the panhandle nonetheless we do get the migration run near shore, from north to south.

Tripletail moreover develops right into a purpose if fishing off the seashores.  These beauties often aren’t unusual however as well as not plentiful wherever.  So maintain your eyes open for these fish.  They’re good desk fare.


Cobia and Tripletail shall be caught using various completely completely different strategies:

  • -Bottom fishing with weights and dwell bait similar to pinfish, blue runners, and crabs.  Cobia, are concerned about sound and movement, so using artificial baits will also be a tremendous various.  I need vibrant, noisy plugs which sink and/or dive.
  • It is also attainable to troll for Cobia out of your boat using a heavy rod and reel with a few 4oz. weight and dwell bait.
  • Cobia is recognized for putting up a battle, which makes the hunt all the additional thrilling.  They take just a bit additional expertise and persistence to land, nonetheless, the prize is the battle.
  • Tripletail, tend to carry spherical channel markers, buoys, crab traps, and bridges, the frequent situation being building.  They seem to be a gradual shifting fish, preferring to drift with the currents significantly in the event that they’re floating under particles or vegetation.
  • For bait, nothing beats a juicy dwell shrimp. Tripletail merely can’t seem to face up to them.  An in depth second to the pure critter could possibly be a D.O.A. root beer shade shrimp fished under a cork.  Tripletail could even take a variety of chunked baits similar to up to date decrease gadgets of pilchards or mullet and a small full squid could even be too arduous to showdown.
  • My line of other for every Cobia and Tripletail is 15-20 lb. mono and 18” – 24” prolonged 30 lb. chief, using a 7ft medium movement rod.


All through May by way of July, fishing is what I believe to be the simplest time of yr to catch that trophy. We purpose Trout and Redfish with the spotlight being Snook, Tarpon, and Shark.

May start the Spawning season for Snook.  They’re usually terribly temperamental all through this time nonetheless the fishing shall be phenomenal! The tarpon migrates north beginning in late spring merely off the coast of Sanibel and Fort Myers seashores.

Boca Grande Transfer and surrounding areas present Tarpon the leisure to nourish in preparation for spawning because of the huge number of crabs, shrimp, and baitfish that drift in and out of the transfer on the tides.  Shark fishing is sweet all all through the summer season season.  You presumably can catch sharks all through the day and even greater throughout the later afternoon by way of night time hours.

fort myers fishing charter

  • I fish for Snook near the seashores, throughout the passes, and under docks.  With the larger Snook, I would use a dwell ladyfish with a heavier movement rod, 30-pound vitality skilled, 30-40 lb. chief, and 6/0 circle hooks.  I like fishing for Snook with small dwell ladyfish and massive whitebait.  It is also attainable to fish the mangroves and flats using a 20 lb. line, 30 lb. chief, and 2-3/0 hooks.
  • Tarpon shall be caught about 3 miles off the seashores when free lining threadfins using 6 to eight dimension hooks, 40-pound braid, and 60 to the 80-pound chief (counting on the readability of the water and website). Inside the passes, you’ll drift every threadfin and/or crabs. In Boca Grande Transfer, free line crabs do you have to see them rolling.  Inside the afternoon, they head to the underside to shade themselves from the photo voltaic.  Try using a weight which will maintain the crab down.
  • The perfect shark bait is a stingray if in case you may have the persistence to snag a quantity.  Merely debarb them when you snag them sooner than you drop them into the dwell properly. Rig it and decrease into the aspect of considered one of many fins after which strong it out.  You’ll catch the huge boys with this methodology.  Should you occur to need a greater strategy of using minimized bait, we tend to utilize ladyfish, mullet, or jacks with the hooks rigged by way of the gills.  We drift a pal bag off the once more of the boat.
  • I benefit from Canyon Reels and St Croix Rods.  Spool these reels with 60 to 80 lb. examine braid or 40 to 80 lb. mono with 10 o/-18 o/ dimension hooks. Always use cable, not single strand wire. Sharks will kink and pop a single strand in a matter of seconds.  If you’ll uncover coated cable it’s even greater on account of it dampens {{the electrical}} signal your wire will give off that the shark could select up.

August and Septemberare essentially the most well-liked months of the yr proper right here in Fort Myers.  We fish for Snook, Trout, Redfish, and Shark with the spotlight being the water temperature.

By this time of summer season season, the heat has really warmed up the water which can make the fish and your dwell bait just a bit lethargic. Try fishing in deeper water the place the temp is cooler.

Discovering shade and deep water collectively, you’re sometimes going to be looking at a honey hole.  Morning and night time hours are the simplest time to fish all through these months.

Trout Fishing in Ft Myers

All through October and November, we purpose Trout, Sheepshead, and Mangrove Snapper with the spotlight being on Redfish.  The rationale for it’s as a result of the autumn is when Redfish begin to spawn throughout the mouth of inlets, such as a result of the Caloosahatchee River.

That’s the simplest time of yr to catch the huge purple.  Moreover, seek for the autumn migration of Cobia to the south starting in late September and October.

Redfish Charter Fishing Fort Myers

Seek for Redfish on the flats of cuts or inlets.  Should you occur to see an enormous school of mullet, you’ll be on the Redfish.  Use whitebait or pinfish with a popping cork on 20 lb. line, 20 lb. chief, and 2-3/0 hooks.

Regarding the Captain: Captain Wes Skinner is a Native Fort Myers Fishing Data and lifelong resident. A loyal family man and all through good man, you merely aren’t going to find greater info in SW Florida. Research additional about Captain Wes proper right here or contact him proper right here to e-book a structure.

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