A Wild Day of Surfperch Fishing

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A Wild Day of Surfperch Fishing 7

You’re most probably questioning, “Hmmm, Shut Identify: A Wild Day of Surfperch Fishing… why the aesthetically pleasing picture of a hen over an exquisite sunset?”. You’ll merely consider me on this one as a result of it’ll all make sense later. I promise.

The Once more Story

I arrived on the seashore like I’d one other day, scoped out my spot, assessed the circumstances, and started rigging up. I was excited to get available on the market for my first session of 2022 and I had one factor other than my very personal pleasure to fish for.

A few months once more, I entered an space surf fishing occasion positioned on by a small group of fellows that can remaining the entire 2022 winter season. There have been fairly a couple of stipulations, a predominant event, and quite a few side pots. I decided to enter for what I knew best, surfperch and halibut.

And since yellowfin croaker was a alternative as successfully, I decided to enter for that one too. For all intents and features, the event would remaining all of winter, and an important fish per species pot would win.


It was January eighth, 2022 and the ocean appeared beautiful.

  • Session Interval: 1:45pm – 5pm
  • Extreme Tide: (4.1ft at 1:19pm)
  • Low Tide: (0.7ft at 7:57pm)
  • Surf Prediction: 1-2ft
  • Surf Commentary: 1-2ft
  • Lunar Information: Waxing Crescent at 32%
  • Current delicate forwards and backwards
  • Daybreak: 6:51am
  • Sunset: 5:00pm

My bait alternative for the day would include mussel meat, lucky crafts, and Keitech swimbaits with Warbaits weedless heads.

A Good Start

I started with mussel meat and consider to swap to lures in the end. About half an hour into the session, I had a really good actually really feel for the development that was available on the market. I centered my time on a close-by rock that was displaying some deep water to the left of it every time the water would start to recede. Positively ample, I purchased a quick chunk that shocked me.

Regardless of took my bait on that one purchased the proper of me, so I put a model new chunk of mussel on my hook and positioned my solid as quickly as further. Solely a pair minutes later, I actually really feel a bit, set the hook, and shortly ample, she’s on the sand. A pleasing 13.5-inch barred surfperch and a mark I was pretty happy with for my first surfperch of 2022.

After landing but yet one more surfperch within the equivalent spot, I made a switch to a unique close-by hole. A few minutes of soaking and I actually really feel some nibbles and set the hook… proper right into a rock. Don’t get too excited though, that wasn’t a metaphor. I really set my hook proper right into a rock.

A minimum of that’s what I assumed. I spent a pair of minutes making use of standard rigidity along with some sporadic quick jerks to see if I’d get my rig once more with out breaking off and having to retie. Lastly, I popped my rig away from it doesn’t matter what was available on the market and to my shock, I reeled in a small yellowfin croaker. I really would have favored to see what occurred from a beneath-water perspective on that one.

The Calm Sooner than the Storm

As a result of the chunk lulled, I decided I’d try my luck with the Lucky Craft FM 110. It took me an entire of maybe 10 casts for me to give up on that one as there have been just too many free objects of grass and kelp throughout the water for the lure to run accurately.

This situation is probably going one of many many causes I’m really having enjoyable with the selection of working a weedless swimbait. When the circumstances are too weedy for a jerk bait, weedless swimbaits will seemingly work merely successfully. Study further about jerkbaits vs. swimbaits proper right here.

After swapping the LC for the swimbait, I switched once more to my Carolina rig set-up and decided I’d finish off the remaining mussel meat sooner than committing to halibut with my swimbait. Beneath, you’ll uncover the association that I exploit for a Carolina rig:

It took a little bit of little little bit of time, nevertheless, the fish in the end began to feed as soon as extra. In reference to how tides affect fishing, the tide for this session was getting a bit low for my liking at this spot, and I was figuring out of the room. I noticed one different deep hole within the entrance of a rock that was pretty near shore and I positioned my bait there. Only a few seconds later, I purchased slammed for yet one more 13-inches!

Now all the best way all the way down to my last few chunks of mussel meat, that temporary solid revelation turned out to be a one-and-done for me. I noticed the current was pulling left now ever-so-slightly, and I appreciated the best way by which the water appeared in the direction of the once more/left-end of the equivalent rock.

So, I threw solely a contact extra on the underside of the equivalent rock and let my bait drift into place. What occurred subsequent was the start of my wild day.

An Absolute Monster

Up to now, my best surfperch was a 15.5-inches and I’d been lucky ample to hit that mark in a handful of cases. I knew surfperch didn’t get so much bigger than that, nevertheless at an identical time, I knew they purchased a bit bigger.

As I’m letting my bait do its issue, I think about conserving rigidity by means of the current and the surf. Merely as a wave passes by means of my line, I actually really feel a quick “faucet… tap-tap-tap-tap!” and in stride, I set the hook. Surfperch, even an important of them (in my experience) don’t really go on huge or prolonged runs.

At cases, they try to hold you once more down into rocks or troughs, and in several cases, they provide a pair of head shakes and slowly work their strategy horizontally. Within the occasion that they’re small, they merely come correct in, nevertheless, that’s not the aim proper right here.

Regardless of I set into proper right here wasn’t stopping like a surfperch, if I wanted to wager, I may need thought each a good-sized spotfin croaker, or a big yellowfin croaker. Given the season though I was pretty set on it being each a big surfperch or a big yellowfin croaker and a way or one different, I was correct.

After quite a few runs and some music from my reel, I lastly had it shut. Sooner than I’d confirm what it was, I seen the shape fall onto its side as a result of the water grew to change into too shallow for the fish’s abnormally tall physique. It was an important surfperch I’d ever seen in a specific individual! Correct on the 16-inch mark, this was now my new non-public best.

Ever Hooked A Fowl?

At this degree, I was pretty content material materials with the session. I didn’t have a number of faith I’d beat the mark I merely laid down, nevertheless, I had just some chunks of mussel left so I saved at it. I was getting a little bit of too assured with my casts and it was solely a matter of time sooner than my rig purchased snagged in some form of underwater development.

That was the tip of that rig. Although I had but yet one more mussel chunk left, I wasn’t going to tie one different rig just for that one chunk.


Since my completely different set-up was in a position to go together with a Keitech swimbait with a Warbaits weedless jighead I took that rod in hand and made my strategy once more to the water. The tide was undoubtedly getting a bit low at this degree, nevertheless, I was pretty assured in my swimbait not getting snagged even with all the development.

I spent all day finding out the surf by means of the tidal change and I dialed in on a lane of sand between quite a few rocks/reefs, and that was the place I’d start. I had a plan for my subsequent few casts as successfully, nevertheless, I didn’t discover myself needing it.

My lure landed on the perimeter of the lane, about 15 ft previous a hen that had been cruising forwards and backward, and typically diving down and resurfacing. I’ve thrown lures round these birds on quite a few cases and I assume at this degree, I merely assume they’re smarter than the fish I’m after.

I suggest, that I’ve had seagulls and completely different flying birds dive down at my lure sooner than, and I’ve had completely different hen encounters which is likely to be value mentioning one different time, nevertheless, this hen was principally sitting on the water’s ground. I’ve under no circumstances had any factors with such birds (notably in this kind of state of affairs).

I May Have Merely Hooked a Fowl

As my lure crosses beneath this “sitting duck”, the hen disappears, diving throughout the route of my lure. In in regards to the time period it may have taken the hen to reach my lure, my lure will get annihilated!

As a substitute for pleasure and adrenaline flowing by means of my veins, my coronary coronary heart sinks and I’m scared I’ve hooked a hen.

The two causes I was glad I’d hooked the hen have been one, the timing was wonderful. And, two, it didn’t actually really feel like a halibut and I was sure no surfperch would possibly match a 4/0 Warbaits jighead in its mouth so surfperch was off the desk.

As I settled into the wrestle, I felt sporadic head shakes, nevertheless it didn’t actually really feel as violent as I may need thought an indignant hen might actually really feel. After just some seconds, I hadn’t seen any splashes, nor had the hen surfaced.

I was starting to vary into hopeful. It was all one huge blur, nevertheless someway, away, this tank of a surfperch devoured up a 4.8-inch swimbait with a 4/0 hook! Whereas it wasn’t as long as the first surfperch (temporary by maybe 1 / 4 inch), it was so much stouter and taller. And it had really been consuming successfully.

What A Day

It was an excellent day, to say the least, and one I’ll take into account for a lifetime. I don’t rely on catching one different surfperch on a swimbait of that measurement, nevertheless, I’m really open to it.

Beneath, you’ll uncover the measurement of the first huge surfperch and for many who haven’t subscribed to the weblog, take the time to take motion on the bottom of this net web page.

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